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24 Lyrics – NIKI

24 –  Lyrics NIKI 

24 is the latest song released by NIKI. 24 is from latest album named

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Song – 24

Artist – NIKI

Album –

24 Lyrics


[Verse 1]
What do you know?
Suddenly, you’re older now
They call you a grown up
With the dog and the bills and the garden
And the picturesque house
And the pear tree is budding up a third year
And if your mother were still here
The fallen blossoms on the lawn would all disappear
And you’re in love, you pray to God it’s forever
But you look around and think, “Why try altogether?”
But he’s endless and on my skin like sand on the shore

And that’s enough for me right now, anyway, at twenty-four

[Verse 2]
You travel the world, swim under a waterfall
You have everything you ever wanted
You wonder when your dad will call
Then you’re in New York again with your oldest friend
And the basket of bread’s still warm

And that’s enough for me right now, anyway, at twenty-four

Oh, I know more than I ever have
And yet I know nothing at all
I’m a floating feather, I’m a constant cannonball (Cannonball)
I’m somebody’s baby and someone else’s midnight call (Midnight call)
I know more than I ever have and yet, nothing at all

Well, what do you know?

Suddenly, you’re twenty-four

24 Lyrics NIKI

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