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7 Years Remix Lyrics – Sik World

7 Years Remix – Lyrics Sik World 7 Years Remix is the latest song released by Sik World. 7 Years Remix is from latest album named

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Song – 7 Years Remix

Artist – Sik World

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7 Years Remix Lyrics – Sik World

Lately, I feel so alone
Don’t even know why I have a phone
Nobody hits me up and I’m stuck, never had someone that I could call my–own
It’s lonely walking down this road
Fake friends that I didn’t have to know
The same ones that fucked me over and whenever I need ’em and I turn around they just turn–ghost
I feel I’m at an all-time low
I am depressed and it hurts me to know
My ex is happy and I can’t seem to cope
She’s ignoring every text message I wrote
My anxiety’s high, my medication’s low
I am so stressed and I hate being home
I sit and overthink everything alone
I wish I had somebody to hold, damn
I’m sick and tired of putting up a front
Like I’m happy, but really I am in a slump
I try to stay strong, screaming, “I don’t give a fuck!”
But if anybody would give it, then I’m the one
I wanna put down my walls and open up
I hide behind this rapper I’ve become
Addicted to bein’ accepted’s like a drug
No one’s here, I feel like I’m ready to plunge
I remember you said my music was wack
Teachers persuading me to try to give up my act
They said the image and the drive is what I lack
Made me think maybe I could never be a part of rap
Well, I ignored that, I said, “Fuck it,” and snapped
Over twenty million plays, where are my haters at?
I didn’t need a label to give me a chance
The day I sell out an arena I’ll feel like I’m the man
Buzzin’ hard, but to find nothing
Never found someone who really loves me
People comin’ around now ’cause I’m gettin’ money
A few plays later, now they all see something
The same guy that is from the start
The same guy my ex left with a broken heart
The same guy who turned music into his art
The same seven-year-old who dreamt of bein’ a star
I’m twenty-two, and I won’t let myself down
I stood up right after I fell down
It’s hard to see Heaven when you know you’re Hell-bound
I never really opened up and that’s until now
I hope that I never lose you
If I could choose one person, I would choose you
I hope you understand my pain
‘Cause that’s something that we all gotta go– through
I hate being down this road
Been down before
I feel like I need you more
I’m so alone
Since I was seven years old
My future’s all I’d imagine
And now I’m here and I look back, I’m screamin’, “Damn it”
This the life, I never planned it
No, I never planned it

7 Years Remix Lyrics Sik World

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