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Around the Pomegranate Lyrics – Wilbur Soot

Around the Pomegranate –  Lyrics Wilbur Soot 

Around the Pomegranate is the latest song released by Wilbur Soot. Around the Pomegranate is from latest album named Mammalian Sighing Reflex

Songs Credit :

Song – Around the Pomegranate

Artist – Wilbur Soot

Album – Mammalian Sighing Reflex

Around the Pomegranate Lyrics –


[Verse 1]
Welcome me to spruce-bound Californian communes
These altruistic metaphors my brain force me to misconstrue

In my mind, I’m standing there sunkissed in June
In rapid eye moves, I fall right back to you

I don’t want to go
You don’t want to game
No one else can save me
There’s someone in your walls
Where do you go
When there’s nowhere else to turn to?
Hope you were good and watch you-

[Verse 2]
I haven’t touched a bike since last year
I haven’t felt the sea
It’s pointless point projection
I used to paint these pictures of me

In my mind, I’m everything you said was true
In rapid eye moves, I fall right back to you

Every night I marry a different crowd
Canals of fire, when every voice sounds so loud

I just want to feel normal again
I just want to have meals with my friends
I just can’t go through this again

Find my comfort in envisioning the end

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Around the Pomegranate Lyrics Wilbur Soot


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