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Big Mad Skit Lyrics – Brent Faiyaz

Big Mad Skit Lyrics is the latest song released by Brent Faiyaz. Big Mad Skit Song by Brent Faiyaz: “​​Big Mad Skit” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Brent Faiyaz. ​​Big Mad Skit song was penned by Brent Faiyaz, Dpat, Kelis, and Tommy Richman, and the music was produced by Dpat.

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Song – Big Mad Skit Lyrics

Artist – Brent Faiyaz


Song:Big Mad Skit
Album:Larger Than Life
Band/Singer:Brent Faiyaz
Lead Vocals:Brent Faiyaz, Flee & Princess Cro
Written By:Afolabi Rosiji, Aheko Shorter, Chidozie Michael Arah, Emmanuel Arah, Juan Wood II & Terrance Davis
Music Produced By:Dpat
Music Label:ISO Supremacy
Featuring:Flee & Princess Cro
Release Date:October 27, 2023


Big Mad Skit Lyrics –  Brent Faiyaz


I Guess I’m Nothing And I’m Something At The Same Time

Yeah, Now You Want To Pick Up Your Phone,
You Stupid A*s B!tch, What’s Going On?
No, I Know You’re Not Calling My Phone On This Bullshit
Son Talking About He Seen You And Brent,
Se*ting Staring All At This N!gga Big A*s Eyes

Why The Fu*k You Worried About What I’m Doing?
You Not My Father, Boy
Listen, Listen, Listen, It’s Crazy, I Was Just With You
You Know What It Is
Oh, Why The Hold On, Hold On, Hold On,
Who The, Who The Fu*k Is That Laughing In The Background?
Hold On, Who’s That Laughing?
And I Know If You Went To [?] Puccy A*s, You Won’t
Boy, What You Don’t Know Is Him And His N!ggas Got Motion,
You Don’t, You A Broke A*s N!gga

B!tch, I Got Motion Too, I Just Got My Promotion
You A Chump A*s N!gga
Hold On, How Many Are Y’all There? How Many B!tches Is That?
Chump A*s N!gga, You Don’t Wanna Do Shit
How Many B!tches Is With You? ’cause
I Know If There Are Three Of Y’all, It’s Only,
It’s Only Seven-thousand Between Y’all,
So I Don’t Even Understand Why Y’all Talking Like This
You A Chump A*s N!gga, You Don’t Spend It
B!tch, Y’all Think Y’all Outside Living Life
And Shit Like, Y’all B!tches Living Life Of A Whore
Man, We Living Life, Living Larger Than You N!gga,
Fu*k Is You Talking ’bout? We Living Life Larger Than Life,
Fu*k Is You Talking ’bout?
Aight, B!tch, Say No More, Aight

We Could Be All We Need (We)
(What Else?)



big mad skit lyrics  brent faiyaz



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