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Bop Lyrics – YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Bop Lyrics is the latest song released by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Bop Song by YoungBoy Never Broke Again: “Bop” is a New Song, sung by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. ​Bop Song was written by ​​​​​YoungBoy Never Broke Again and $hop With Ken, and the music was produced by​ ​$hop With Ken.

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Song – Bop Lyrics

Artist – YoungBoy Never Broke Again


Album:Decided 2
Band/Singer:YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Lead Vocals:YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Written By:YoungBoy Never Broke Again & $hop With Ken
Music Produced By:$hop With Ken
Music Label:Never Broke Again & Motown Records
Featuring Artist:YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Release Date:
November 10, 2023


Bop Lyrics –  YoungBoy Never Broke Again


(Just Run That B!tch Back)

Look, Look, My Brother Big E, Yeah,
He Keep That Chopper On His Shoulder (Heep That Chop’)
Oh, He A Soldier (Oh, He’ll Pop You My Nigga)
My Brother 3Three (Baow), He Get The Drop So I Can Fold Ya
(Oh, That Beat Bangin’, Nigga)
I Thought I Told Ya

Hold On, My Wife Not Mine
Got Diamonds On And That’ll Blind Ya
Puccy Nigga, I Been Grindin’, I Been Shinin’
I Done Fu*ked My Bag Up (Huh), And I Ain’t Scared To Tell Nobody
I’m Gon’ Have Another Sixty Ms In My Pocket ‘fore Next Year End
Play With Top, We Quick, They Pop Your Top, Know They Get Killed, Man
[?] Your B!tch A Bop Goin’ Off That [?],,
Got No Time For These Hoes Puccy Poppin’, Where My Money, Man?
Know The FBI Been Tryna Stop Me, I Need VPN

B!tch Better Quit That Poppin’ ‘fore You Fu*k Around And Get Your Mans Spinned
Know My Youngin Poppin’, B!tch, I Cut Up Like A Madman
Nawfside B!tch, We Poppin’, B!tch, We Poppin’, Spin That Heat Again
Hit Your Block With Switches Then Re-repeat Like A Ceiling Fan
Yeah, We Fill Up [?], Walk ’round With That Calico, We Got All Type A Of Poles
Baow, Blast You, Strike A Pose, B!tch, Watch Yo’ Soul Go
Strike Him With This B!tch, That Cutter Flashin’ Like T Romo
Cut Up Like My Daddy, This Montana Kid, You Want Smoke
B!tch, Flow Your Boat, You Better Not Choke, Boy, You A Ho
B!tch, We Gon’ Beat The Last [?] Filled Together, That’s How It Go
R.I.P. Dump, Now, I Done Seen This Once Before
You Ain’t No Problem, I Say

Look, Look, My Brother Big E, Yeah,
He Keep That Chopper On His Shoulder
Oh, He A Soldier
My Brother 3Three, He Get The Drop So I Can Fold Ya
I Thought I Told Ya

Y’all Boys Want Beef, We Catch You Slippin’, Then We Dome Ya
We Walk Down On Ya (Look)
Hit The B!tch In His Face Like Back To Back
They Won’t Realize I’m In This Fat

We Turn Your Son Into A Pack, We Blew His Noggin
B!tch, This Gravedigger Moment, I Can’t-Wait For Stunna Island
I’m Recordin’ Right Now Through Sony, B!tch, It’s Perfect Stimulatin’
They Wan’ Put That Pistol On Me, They Use Papers To Decline Me

Bithc, I’m Thuggin’, I’ll Send The Slimes To Fu*k Up Your Whole Climate
She Was Fu*ked Up ’bout Her Sugar Bag, And I Won’t Tell Nobody
He Was Fu*ked Up ’bout That Sugar Bag, Couldn’t Pay His Hit Deposit
Play With Me, But Meechy Got Me Bad, So I Gotta Call Up Brasi

He Still Fu*ked Up, He Wan’ Talk ’bout [?] And How He Beat Up Pockets
After All I See, I Got This, My Watch Glitz, They Gon’ Watch This
I Been Thinkin’ I Might Need To Go Put Caskets On My Eyelids
Earlobes Got Shovels, And My G Wagon Got That [?],,
Step Inside My Lane, Best Come With Pain, B!tch, You Get Beat It
Weekends, I Need My Paper Strong, Wife Need To Hit Spain For A Weekend
B!tch, Find A Plug Around, Don’t Come Back Home Until We Deep-end

I Ain’t Know [?],,
I Need You Back, Don’t Do No Creepin’
These Niggas Hoes And [?],
I Need To Find Me Another Rich Friend
Shit, I Need To Sell Some Hitman
Get Contracts Changed To [?],,
Now, You Couldn’t Stand Up To That .45,
You Died, You Stupid Dumbass
On My Side You Get No Pass
Tote Big Fires, With Green Flags
We Hopped Out, Better Run Fast, Nigga, Yeah

Look, Look, My Brother Big E, Yeah,
He Keep That Chopper On His Shoulder
Oh, He A Soldier
My Brother 3Three, He Get The Drop So I Can Fold Ya
I Thought I Told Ya

Uh, Ooh
Slatt, Slatt, Slatt, Slatt
Slatt, Slatt, Slatt, Slatt



bop lyrics  youngboy never broke again

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Bop Lyrics Song Lyrics,

Bop Lyrics Song Lyrics YoungBoy Never Broke Again,

Bop Lyrics Lyrics

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