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Bought The Earth Lyrics – Yeat

Bought The Earth –  Lyrics Yeat 

Bought The Earth is the latest song released by Yeat. Bought The Earth is from latest album named 2093

Songs Credit :

Song – Bought The Earth

Artist – Yeat

Album – 2093

Bought The Earth Lyrics



I bought the Earth, I sold it too
I’d sell ya’ whole life if I could too
You can’t fit in a pair of shoes
Yeah, I know it’s not all great, but I love feelin’ this way
I’m off the grid, yeah, I’m out the way
Paint a picture with some blood all day

(All day) I like a mixture
(All day) Off the drugs, but I miss ’em
(All day) I tried to warn you ’bout this shit, but you ain’t listen anyway
(All day) I’m in 2093 all day

Am I wrong for bein’ selfish?
Am I wrong for puttin’ me first?
And I know why you confused, I got a way with words
Is it money, is it power? Which one first?
I make more money than you ever did
I make a lot more money than ya’ bitch
I might start talkin’ crazy in this bitch
You might just go and drive into a ditch
I don’t hear a word when you talk
I know that this world could be a lot
I know more than anybody else
I know what you do when you a mess
Tell me when you lie, tell me when you cry
But look me in the eye
I’m a busy guy, I’m out here building lives
No regard for life, I roll it on the dice
Don’t tell me twice, put it on ya—, fuck that
Put it on ya’ life, you want a fairytale life
You want me to tuck you in bed, read you books all night
I live a trillion dollar life, I’ll employ you a night
I know it’s always changin’, every turn
I’ll never look back on the bridge I burnt
I’ll tell you one thing that’s wait the worth
Makin’ all this money, enough to buy the Earth

I bought the Earth, I sold it too
I’d sell ya’ whole life if I could too
You can’t fit in a pair of shoes
I’m a pandemic, always on the news

When it comes night, always on the loose
When it comes night, what you gon’ do?
I don’t need the light, I see right through
I see your reflection in my rearview
Damn, what a good view
Damn, what we could do?
Damn, I’m paranoid and rude
Damn, more disrespectful than you thought you knew


Bought The Earth Lyrics Yeat

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