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Coda Lyrics – Yung Lean & Bladee

Coda –  Lyrics Yung Lean & Bladee 

Coda is the latest song released by Yung Lean & Bladee. Coda is from latest album named Psykos

Songs Credit :

Song – Coda

Artist – Yung Lean & Bladee

Album – Psykos

Coda Lyrics


[Verse: Yung Lean & Bladee]
I woke up in the border of chaos and order
Vivid dreams and strange memories
Jokester, a trickster and a romancer
I do this on my own
Nowadays it’s all black and white like the keys of a piano
The world needs more color and love, but what do I know?
Driving around the snow as I watch out for potholes
I hear God talking but it’s overshadowed by el Diablo
Things that you don’t know
Best to keep it so
A massive shadow cast over our futures present past
To face the ultimate horror
Pathetic beauty exposed by longing
A song for nothing as our secret ode to destruction (Blinding)
Enshrined by grace in a world so strange
(No one fucking cares)
(Nothing reads, nothing makes sense, ah)
Silence ringing hatred, putrid fucking evil
Life and death
Saw there you shining
Breathe, blinding us
Would they still hide you?
Fine after all, still full of love, undying (Best to keep it so)
True world’s so frightening
Once I was too much, I just tried to collapse
Like a child in the garden laying on my back on the grass
Dreaming about a portal to another world and laugh
Reality escape, it’s just another game
Dirty drugs since thirteen, I think it’s just the fame
The modern fame dreaming about being invincible and walk the streets again
In Heaven everything’s fine, just hear my words
Don’t read between the lines
Got the world on my shoulders, throw it off


Coda Lyrics Yung Lean & Bladee

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