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DESERT EAGLE Lyrics – Beyoncé

DESERT EAGLE –  Lyrics Beyoncé 

DESERT EAGLE is the latest song released by Beyoncé. DESERT EAGLE is from latest album named COWBOY CARTER

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Artist – Beyoncé




Dosido, dosido
Dosido, dosido (Ooh)
Dosido, dosido

Soft to the touch, let you hold somethin’
Let you get a handful
Baby, she’s a whole lotta woman
Soft kisses on some fat lips
It’s yours, baby, you can crash here, come here
Cash out on a video
Make ’em Cash App to see the rodeo, yeah
Put on a show and make it nasty
Desert Eagle in the backseat
Everything bigger in Texas
Big body, buss it open, feed you breakfast
Catch me in the back, I’m on the same time
Baby, let me sink into your arms
Drink me ’til it’s done, eat it up

Oh, I keep it classy, let you love me like a lady, yeah
Do-si-do and it get creamy in the middle, yeah
One bite and the box is yours
Sugar high, you gon’ want some more
Of that dosido (Do-si)
Of that do-si, dosido
That dosido (Do-si)

Of that dosido’ (Dosido, dosido, dosido)

DESERT EAGLE Lyrics Beyoncé


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