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Dracula flow 4 Lyrics – PLUMMCORP RECORDS

Dracula flow 4 –  Lyrics PLUMMCORP RECORDS 

Dracula flow 4 is the latest song released by PLUMMCORP RECORDS. Dracula flow 4 is from latest album named

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Song – Dracula flow 4


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Dracula flow 4 Lyrics –


This shit ain’t nothing to me man
Haters in shambles, they stay picking the corn outta’ my shit
This Smith & Wesson got me moving like an invasive species
I got Midas touch fuck boy
Bitch so bad I made her shit in my chop cheese
I’m at the bank boutta withdraw all of it
These Valentinos are from Milan, you fuckin’ idiot

That Fentanyl gave me Vitruvian Man flexibility
Got me in a state of rigor mortis
Caught a broke boy trying to come up on my Amazon package,
So I skinned his ass alive

We smokin’ Serge Ibaka spinal fluid infused quick-release percs
She spread it and let me take a deep sniff of that Mahi-mahi
I gave that pussy a raspberry

They needed a stealth soldier,
so I put my hands on the Hibachi hot plate at Benihana,
and burned my fucking finger prints off
They will not find me

Konichiwa you little jit
Snortin’ some premium Matisyahu got me fightin’ for my life
I make a nice stew out of that pussy
Blacked out on the percocet,
ordered a Desert Eagle off Amazon
I used to nut in my socks until the crust smelled sweet
I ain’t never going back

Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream cake in my Fronto Leaf
Got Subanese crystalline shards,
pokin’ out my lungs, fuck boy
I’m in Göbekli Tepe shirtless in a loin cloth,
blowing bareback asshole,
out smoking aqueduct filtered sherm

Told shorty to keep that box breathing,
She squeezing the garlic
We smoking java man
Face pressed up against that monkey sniffing for dear life

The Cuban link will turn the diamond tester into a pipe bomb
Glock-34 shivered his timbers
Blew her back out using a mammoth-skin condom
Dick pussy freeballing like Shaq and Kobe

I’m smoking Mesopotamian, Stanley Cup triple-award-winning,
soul-bleeder, taint blaster, J.D. Power Associates,
dingleberry zaza
We smoking that IBM Quantum Computer

I can’t wait to curb stomp you in these dumb,
ugly ass Rick Owens shoes
I’m Dracula
I’m 12 million years old
When I hit it from behind,
the room smells like absolute [?]

They said I wouldn’t shit on ’em,
I spread my cheeks and hit ’em with an absolute screamer
Little bro was emaciated
The percs done ate little cuzzo ass up
These cops are interrogating me about an ounce of weed,
as if I didn’t kill an Applebee’s hostess two miles away

I come from a long bloodline of Italian leather
My Bottegas have veins pumping through them
Smoking indigenous Fronto Leaf,
in a bacon, egg, and cheese
Hashtag Le Chemin du Roi
Eyes bloodshot leaning up against the wall,
beating off to my Chrome Hearts Boots

Opps was talking crazy,
shot him in the mouth
My Audemars Piguet worth the GDP of Yemen
If this watch breaks,
the foreign exchange market will take a 28% hit
People will die

My diamonds come from the most horrific
situations possible
Slurping a quick-release perc off the plate like a pinto bean
I keep my Glock at the Vatican
She squirt on me,
I love being covered in the [?]

They’re sick in the head
They forgot I’m him
I’m the Him-ulation
I am Him Kardashian
Him-on and Pumba
I got my DNA test back,
turns out I’m 100% Himalayan

Fuck it, I ate the opp

She let me hit it,
that gash sound like salmon roe
You ran off with the Diddy Kong,
triple espresso,
personal hot spot stim-gripper runts
There are consequences to your crimes against Dracula

Get shorty out of here, she’s built like a Jay Electronica verse
Icewear Vezzo said it best
I’m a mud baby, I can’t stop
I have more percs than there are stars in the Leo Cluster
I’m claiming every corner, every block
Fuck it
I’m coming for every enzyme

Snorting dexie
Eating skate right out of the lake
Opp was sneak-dissing on the ‘gram,
turned his city into Pompeii
These ain’t no Mall-mains, you ugly bastard
They want to drive a wooden stake into my heart
for pulling my cock out at the Toronto Blue Jays game,
all I’m saying is I paid for the tickets

My Ducati leather trench coat bright red,
I look like ten million crawdads fucking
That elite pussy turn me into a radical
I’m moving lucrative
I’m in the pod smoking [?]
Smoking that good schooby-doo waa

I’m fucked up in the crib listening to Trill Sammy
I’m on the Ivory Coast eating
Vermilion snapper
War is all I think about
I never been scared in my life jit
This shit ain’t nothing to me, man

I need my percs!
I need my percs!
One perc is never enough (Yo!)
Popped a Brazillian butt berserker,
and had that pussy screeching like a harpy eagle


I’m smoking that shit that makes the toes curl
I’m doing a lot of drugs, a lot!
Walked along the sand dunes of the Sahara desert,
for forty days and forty nights,
with nothing but a pack of Newports,
and a fifth of henny,
I really do this shit

I’m starting to get real pissed off
What the fuck is Obamacare?
Hey Obama, I don’t care about shit!

Look at this shit
I sold crack to myself
Spun around the block so many times,
they thought it was fucking Minecraft

We smoking that Boomhauer
Choked his goofy ass out with a B.B. Simon belt
She wanted dick, but I gave her crack
I’m smoking lizard taint
Sniffing monkey
It’s monkey monday, show me that monkey

I’m getting too much money!
I’m fucked up drinking a Chinese modelo
I’m smoking on that hush puppy limon

Broke boy wasn’t balling enough,
welcome to the Wang Dong Tigers
These Ferragamos are real, cunt
I got more sticks than a fucking forest
I have the blueprint to the catacombs
Popped four flim-flams at K.O.D.,
came out with Hepatitis

This shit ain’t nothing to me man!
I’ll fucking kill you!
Smoked a new opp, his meat came right off the bone
The first time I smoked runts,
I coughed so fucking hard,
I started passing kidney stones,
then shat myself in front of the gang!

There was scat all over the pounds-

There was scat all over the pounds we shipped out
for the next thirty business days
I don’t have any compassion for broke boys,
everybody has an asshole,
most people have dick and balls,
go outside and get a bag!

I knew the perc was fake,
but I still ate it because I’m a gremlin
I’ll air this bitch out like I shit in it
I took two limitless pills to limit myself
I got so much cheese in my pocket,
they thought I was a fucking calzone

That pussy balder than Howie Mandel
Crash the Benz truck
Sip some mud
Everything felt alright
Popped a bean, now I wanna kill someone
Yeah, I drill with my mask off
I’m moving like Gilbert Arenas

Sniffing white phosphorus
The Vatican wants to wet me up with silver bullets,
but I’m on a god damn samurai pill!
I’m a real creature
I’ll spin the block
Huffing spores,
to see tomorrow’s stock market
Lungs looking crazy

Rolling the old flesh cigar around your fingertips
Boy ran off with a Banjo-Kazooie,
I had to cast a spell on that motherfucker
I got strands of RNA in my hookah
Every puff is an insult to God

The dust pack got me doing the third world stare
This zaza will give you a 2019
Alex Caruso hairline
Chopper small and sturdy,
built like Wilmer Valderrama

I let her hit the zaza just to buy her a bit more time,
but all she wanted to do was fuck my brains out,
then euthanize herself
I hydrated the soot between her ass cheeks,
and snorted that shit through my eyelids

Trackhawk sound like Game Seven
I’ll give you that fluoride stare
Pussy so tight I had to scissor her ass

This henny got me feeling crazy
This henny got me wanting to shit
This henny got me feeling like DDG

My bitch pussy fatter than Drewski
Drank man, please!
I’m thirsty!
I’m ready, I’m trying to po’ up
Drank man, please!
This henny making me want to go to the mall
and do something crazy

If Santa come down my chimney, I’m gon’ fuck him
[More growling]
That’s what my Hellcat sounds like

This shit ain’t nothing to me, man!

Dracula flow 4 Lyrics PLUMMCORP RECORDS

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