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Forever Lasting Lyrics – Domani

Forever Lasting Lyrics is the latest song released by Domani. Forever Lasting Song by Domani: “Forever Lasting” is a New Song, sung by Domani, D.C Young Fly, and Seddy Hendrinx. Forever Lasting Song was written by ​​​​​Domani Harris, John Whitfield, and Sedrick Burden, and the music was produced by​ ​​​​Cam Herring.

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Song – Forever Lasting Lyrics

Artist – Domani


Forever Lasting Lyrics


you cannot leave me this way
Everlasting I mean this
where yeah I gave you my love I did it
with some passion yeah you cannot just

this got a minute let me you real quick
I’m feeling your V trying to get on your
time ain’t got no time to be guessing
your sign be guessing your age baby we
grown anything that baby back it up me
teach me how to pleas we fall in

love tequil gozy talking crazy talking
my base like I’m on stage screaming my
name damn why can’t I feel my face D
what drink am I drinking the [ __ ] am I
thinking say what am I feeling that [ __ ]
got in the ceing I push you there call
it sexualing I bet you ain’t better

young [ __ ] like me bet you ain’t bet
you ain’t bet you ain’t no one do it
like me got you calling your friends
little baby going tell them can leave me
forever I
this yeah I gave you my love I did it
with passion yeah you cannot just leave
this love again
no no


can you teach me how to love but nobody
above you want to show my love you but
my love language is different 678 8825

741 hit my phone soon as I touch down
give you what you want told me that she
was from the East side but I ask north
hold your breath
the can leave
me I
mean I gave you my love I did it with
passion you
cannot again
no no no no


no I take it slow for you my heart too
cold for you it ain’t no Hold You Wish I
Was wish I wish I was close to you it
ain’t no holding you it ain’t no holding



Forever Lasting Lyrics  Domani

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