Forever Nitty Lyrics – DCG Bsavv X DCG Shun

Forever Nitty – Lyrics DCG Bsavv X DCG Shun Forever Nitty is the latest song released by DCG Bsavv X DCG Shun. Forever Nitty is from latest album named

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Song – Forever Nitty

Artist – DCG Bsavv X DCG Shun

Forever Nitty Lyrics – DCG Bsavv X DCG Shun

Huh, go, go
Huh, DCG
Huh, Huh
Go, go (lalala, la, la, la)
Go, go (lalala, la, la, la, la)

Go, go, hunn, go, go, hunn

First off, I’ma start this bitch off, rest in peace
My lil’ brother died, and I just cried so we had hit the streets
We keep spinning blocks, and patching opps, they ass can’t no sleep
We was riding, really lurking, probably rolling like four deep
I just want the top, no being rude, but please don’t use your teeth
We gon’ rob this hoe, and beat her ass, before we wife a eat
Goofy saw me in the streets, was shook, and tried to tell a speech
Fucked his bitch, she loving my cologne

Aye shun gon’ make my niece

I ain’t in the mood, if it ain’t no groove, and I can’t feel this beat
Distribute to Nitty B, let us in the industry
We gon smoke his ass if he thinking he gon’ mention me
My bitch she taste like candy treats
They know I kept my mans on me
He was passing, sending heat, way before we touched the streets
We gon’ tweak and they gon’ T
Once it’s war it ain’t no seats
I do the dash, with my broski

Shawty hot, they need more grease

She say it’s three, I want all three
Smoking bags of broccoli
These Glocks don’t jam, so don’t start beef
Sign a deal, we all gon’ eat
This bitch a wrap, ask my OG
She know I got a four on me
Without my blick, they gon’ score on me
I was breaking bread with all my niggas

Can’t none of them try to go on me, (Huh, huh)


She see guns, and a couple Gs
And now she trying to hoe for me
She said I’m lyrical and did a dance
And now she trying to throw on me
Bought a crate and spent a grip
Everybody get poles for free
One call, they on all bullshit
My niggas on go for me

Shake this bitch, and wake this bitch to 16 like it’s Jodeci

To 16 like it’s Jodeci

Since lil’ nitty died, I been feeling like shit after me
Don’t get close up on me, I’ll shoot this bitch with accuracy
If I hear a story and that shit don’t sound like facts to me
I might just kill his kids, if I think a nigga lie to me
Fuck it, kill his mama, I’m with that, that shit just fine with me

This face tat ain’t for show

This shit ain’t cute, this shit ain’t fine to me
Mr. Patch Yo Block, just come outside, we don’t play hide and seek
Before we rock a show, and leave that bitch

We need like five a piece

I keep lying to my bitch, she say she hate me, and she tired of me
But I know that’s a lie, take her to Saks and now she dying for me
Lil’ Nitty was the muscle and the brain, how the fuck you die on me
My car so futuristic, hit the sport, and this bitch fly for me
I keep patching my opp, they say they tired, but we want all the beef
But I can’t go outside, I’ma fuck her friend if she keep stalling me
Bitch I’m in the stu, I’m irritated, so stop calling me
And I don’t wanna talk, hit my dm, hoe what you offering
I like the cougar hoes cause they fuck me good and talk to me

I hate the younger bitches

‘Cause they brag on what they bought for me

I got my own bag bitch, don’t forget, you tried to talk to me

It’s forever Nitty, tell the opps, bitch we want all the beef

(Bitch) Tell the opps bitch we want all the beef

(Bitch) Tell the opps bitch we want

Forever Nitty Lyrics DCG Bsavv X DCG Shun

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