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GEEKED Lyrics – Cochise

GEEKED Lyrics is the latest song released by Cochise. GEEKED Song by Cochise: “GEEKED” is a New Song, sung by Cochise. GEEKED Song was written by ​​​​​Cochise, Cade, Dion Baker, and Jeryn Peters, and the music was produced by​ ​​​​Cade, Nova, and Sleepyxi.

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Song – GEEKED Lyrics

Artist – Cochise




They Talk ’bout Hatin’ On Me Right Now (Let’s Go)
Huh, Like, PSH (Let’s Go)
What You Even Talkin’ ’bout?
I Ain’t Even Geeked Right Now (I Ain’t Even Geeked)
I Ain’t Even Geeked Right Now (I Ain’t Even Geeked)
Okay, Okay (Yeah, Yeah)

I Done Put Ice On My Hand (Hand)
I Done Put Ice On My Fam (Fam)
I Made A Six With The Gang (Gang)
Triple H, Might Get Slammed (Bang, Bang)
Told We Hittin’ Them Terks (Terks)
Told ’em We Hittin’ The Cans (Cans), Cans (Cans)
Yeah, God On My Side (Side)
I Just Got A Brand New Ride (New Ride)
Finna Take A Trip, Dubai (Dubai)
I Just Got A Brand New Nine (New Nine)
Take A Nigga Soul Like Pine (Pine)


Ain’t Even Know Her Kind (Ain’t Even Know Her Kind)
Yeah, Stackin’ That Bread, Yeah, Just Like A Chip (Okay)
Yeah, Said You Were Gang (Okay), Uh, Couldn’t Get In (Okay)
Ayy, Stackin’ That Bread (Ayy), Uh, Makin’ A Yam (Ayy, Ayy)
Uh, Told Me To Stop (Told Me To Stop),
Uh, Did It Again (I Did It Again), Uh
Okay, Man, Okay, Uh, Let’s Get It (Yeah)
Whole Lot Of Money My— (Oh),
Whole Lot Of, Whole Lot Of Money My Neck (Okay)
Ayy, Jump Out The Jet Like—,


Uh, I Jump Out, I Hop Out The Jet Like It’s Rick
Ayy, Prayin’ To God, Prayin’ To God,
You Know How I Get (You Know How I Get, Yeah)
Yeah, You Know How I Get, Yeah
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
You Know How I Get
You Know How I Get (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
You Know How I Get
Told That Boy Unload It (Load It)
Told That Boy To Hold It (Hold It)
I Got So Much Money (Money)
Wallet Never Foldin’ (Ayy, Ayy)

Diamonds Straight From Africa,
While My Pockets Bloated (Bloated)
She Think She Rihanna (‘anna),
Told Me Couldn’t Control It (‘ol It)
All My Dogs, They Off The Leash,
They Not With That Trollin’ (Uh-uh, Uhh)
Heard They Wanna Step On Me, Strike ’em Like I’m—



Geeked Lyrics  Cochise

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