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GIMP is the latest song released by HEPATITIS Bud. GIMP is from latest album named

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Song – GIMP

Artist – HEPATITIS Bud

Album –



No Jumper
This shits for you bruh
You need to fuck our moms
Like right now
At least hold her fucking hand… FUCK
Billie Eilish
When you turn 18
Imma clap them cheeks
You better fuckin’ believe
Chris Hansen
Stay the fuck away from me

Dishonored I piss on her
Dishonored your own daughter
Olive branch then you get slaughtered
For 10 dollars
Make a bitch drink my bath water
Lobotomize yo shit bitch
No compromising shit bitch
Might sacrifice yo kids bitch
Get paralyzed and yo wig split
I’m face fuckin’ so viscous
12 Xan then my body shake
Old ass bitch

Big ass nipples
Bitch go and make me a milkshake
Yo milkshake taste like shit
Shut up you dumb bitch
Sticking ice picks in yo kids
Waterboard yo shit
Closed eyes see me
Paint rooms with yo bitch
Snub nose gonna’ sneeze (aye)
Chop off all yo limbs
Lookin’ zombie
I’ll pop off on a bitch
Rip out arteries (aye)

Strapped up
Runnin’ robberies
Through pharmacies
Smoke crack
Like hardily
We pop all the beans
Got an inf beam on that Mac
Make a Gimp bitch go sip lean
Then we blast they ass with that gat (bitch)
Bast they ass with that gat (bitch)
Blast they ass with that gat

Yeah I’m an archer yeah
You can call me Rando
100 Xans
100 bands
I don’t need a Brinks truck
I keep that fuckin’ thang tucked
We gon’ keep yo girl stuffed
We gon’ keep yo plug plugged
We got slugs
Hollow tips
What you fuckin’ want bitch?
Yeah you gon’ get it all
Like Griselda fuckin’ Blanco
Stackin’ all them Pesos

Slangin’ white coco on the fuckin’ down low
I love talking shit (yeah)
You can see my heuvos
I got uno, dos, tres
Bitches hoppin’ on the train
Lil Bicch
Poppin’ pills, poppin’ Xans, poppin’ percs
Feelin’ murky right before I fuckin’ murk em’
When we all said and done
You chopped up and inside a drum
Then we watch you sink for fun

[Outro: Sampled from Tom Waits]
Or what if you had a root canal?
And I asked you to gargle with raw sewage?
Would you be okay with that?
Or, or would it be safe to-to jump rope with a live electrical wire?


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