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High Hopes Lyrics – Joji

High Hopes –  Lyrics Joji 

High Hopes is the latest song released by Joji. High Hopes is from latest album named Nectar

Songs Credit :

Song – High Hopes

Artist – Joji

Album – Nectar

High Hopes Lyrics – Joji

High hopes
High hopes
High hopes
High hopes

A little messed up, do you feel it?
A little bit of this and a little bit of that
She wanna know which way I’m leanin’
Am I really made of this, am I really made of that?
And is it so bad if you need me?
Just a little bit, woah, don’t get rid of me, ayy
But love is so blind when you feel it (So blind)
Can’t defeat it, hope you feelin’ good

High hopes
High hopes
High hopes
High hopes

I’ma talk like I don’t really mean it
Bless me, St. John’s, I’ma act like I don’t really need it
Bet you see these funds, ayy, they gon’ cheer me up, ayy
Brand new whip sound like Cheerio, ayy, yeah, ayy
Wake me up, Rey Mysterio, ayy, yeah, hey
Wipe my eyes, can’t see clearly, though

I been on the block, boy move soft like some cereal, ayy, yeah
High hopes with you, man, I wanna see you again
High hopes with you, man, I wanna see you again (Yeah, yeah)
I don’t think you good at keepin’ secrets
All the bags on the floor make you heated
Blind my eyes, boy too bright, he got them sequins
Man, I hope you comin’ back to cop that free shit
Back to cop that free shit, that’s elite shit

High hopes

High hopes

High Hopes Lyrics Joji

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