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HUMAN MADE Lyrics – Kid Cudi

HUMAN MADE –  Lyrics Kid Cudi 

HUMAN MADE is the latest song released by Kid Cudi. HUMAN MADE is from latest album named INSANO (NITRO MEGA)

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Artist – Kid Cudi




Captain INSANO shows no mercy
Dot Da Genius, baby
Hot, hot, hot (Realer)

[Verse 1]
Run now, nigga, so rolled
Freshest, watch this Cleveland representer (Yeah)
Pupils dilated, I’m on
I’m surfin’ on these fuck niggas, even in the winter
Walk on my path, a true glow (Yeah)
Ain’t nobody with some freaks, don’t close (Woo)
And we all laugh, tombstone
We’re skippin’ the evil or get ’em burnin’, woah
Did it ’cause he had my haters, oh, that’s not bad (Uh)
Couldn’t stop him, motherfucker, on my mob ass
Smokin’ my pack, I’m runnin’ back, like my Dad had
Hey, mom, young boy, livin’ up the dream
Walk with me, or get it, get it, we ball
Tell ’em what we do, I’m switchin’ in the net
Yeah, hope one of us savin’ by the neck
Finna tap that, peel it back, lit up, did the mat
Comin’ Silly Willy off the map
Show ’em with the two-tone flip, jumpin’ on the back
And the chips on my shoulder just stats
Never send the proof, I ain’t burryin’, nigga, leave it on the meds
Could show up to the spot, I’m in the coupe
On with the roof, hop out a wave, it’s the truth
I was young since they told me what to do
Screamin’ “Fuck you”, ooh-ooh, I’ve been through a quarter-loop
Uh, no, can’t stop, here’s the proof
Be comin’ through withdrawals, and a nigga stay hot, here’s the news
Rap with some rose in my tooth
Your girl wanna look at me (Ooh), can’t tell I’m in the new

Pray to the stars up high, pourin’ my soul
Just hittin’, wait ’til I free my mind, heart has been soaked
Guess today’s just me, nobody, heaven in store
Guess tonight’s takin’ up my body, other world, and we takin’ off
I just pray to the stars up high, pourin’ my soul
Just hittin’, wait ’til I free my mind, heart has been soaked
Guess today’s just me, nobody, heaven in store, yeah
And we takin’ off, fantasy show

Oh-ooh-oh, ooh-oh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh
Oh-oh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh (Yeah), ooh

[Verse 2]
Searchin’ for the life, ’til we discover we feel alive (Ah)
Put an n-word nigga for the love
Send around a text, tell ’em baby on my mind
Hopin’ my girl pullin’ up
My freak, livin’ up my dreams in the lobby
Had the men drippin’ off the buzz
We free, couldn’t be the carpet to you lies
If you need it, motherfucker, here’s a hug
Now I’m soarin’ to the sky, baby girl, take your photos (Yeah)
Never seen a brother quite like me though
Soarin’ up the heater, they in troubles ’til the team ride (Yeah)
Playin’ the game on the window
Never been the same, since I pull up in the game, huh
Nigga see the realer and they know
What they say ’bout me now, couldn’t get less, for sure

Oh-ooh-oh, ooh-oh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh
Time I’m spendin’ on my own, yeah
Days are short and nights are long, yeah
Somethin’ ’bout these evils got me low, yeah (Yeah)
Say I’m in my zone, yeah (Yeah)
See I rock you to the moon, smokin’ strong

That is all, yeah, baby, that is all

HUMAN MADE Lyrics Kid Cudi



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