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Let’s Play A Game Lyrics – Baby Kia

Let’s Play A Game –  Lyrics Baby Kia 

Let’s Play A Game is the latest song released by Baby Kia. Let’s Play A Game is from latest album named

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Song – Let’s Play A Game

Artist – Baby Kia

Album –

Let’s Play A Game Lyrics –


I’on even got it
I don’t got it, why that nigga think I got his glizzy?
Hahaha, ’cause I do, ha, I’m one slimey fucker
I might give it back if I see it’s Pop Pop, or, nah, nah, he gettin’ quaked too
Ha, they say, “BK, get him right” (Hmm, rrah)
(Ahh, Ahh) They say, “BK, get him right”
Nah, I don’t wanna get him right, you do it (Hm)

[Verse 1]
I told Lil’ Tim to get him right
I can’t go out like Lil’ Craig, you catch a opp, you tryna fight (Rrah)
I told that boy he should’ve listened
.50 Cal’ rip his intestines, doctor said he need a kidney (Mm, mm)
Okay, two extra dicks, but I ain’t gay
Draco swingin’ right to left, you better move, there go Lil’ Tay
Bitch, you post on MLK, slide the Porche truck through the AP, bitch, I’m lookin’ for Lil’—
Man, forget ya’
He got a gun, but he ain’t clap nothin’
Double back, Tim hangin’ out the window tryna drop somethin’
Murder on my mind, might kill my bro, feelin’ like Melly
And I might just put the gun down, kill him slow, use the machete
Three just got dropped, you must ain’t heard
Eighty shots come out the CA, leave a opp face on the curb
Slide the black truck through the ‘burb
Hundred round drum on the stick, like, fuck the five, let’s go to work
Watch how BK finger-fuck the stick, step back and watch it twerk

Let’s play a little game I made
All you gotta do is pick a candy bar, one got a blade
If you eat the wrong one, I swear to God, boy, that’s on you
All I know is if you spit that shit out, boy, I bet I’d shoot

[Verse 2]
.308s bustin’ through the roof
Brodie said he tired of steppin’, shoot a hole straight through his shoe
These niggas finna make me act up
Black car, jumpin’ out the Escalade, sticks all inside the black truck (Alright)
He think I won’t come spin the block
Pop out, rapid fire the stick, make him forget he had a Glock (Mm, alright)
She say my music make her wet
And her boyfriend don’t know how to spin, teach her how to shoot the TEC
He think I won’t come spin that block
Pop out, rapid fire the stick, make him forget he had a Glock (Mm)
I’m just gon’ let him think we good
Ridin’ two Glocks in the Chevy, V12 jumpin’ out the hood (Mm)
Fuck nigga know this shit ain’t sweet

Pop out, Halloween, switch in the crowd, Nightmare on Elm Street (BK)


Let’s Play A Game Lyrics Baby Kia


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