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LMK Lyrics – Lil XXEL

LMK –  Lyrics Lil XXEL LMK is the latest song released by Lil XXEL.

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Song – LMK

Artist – Lil XXEL

LMK Lyrics – Lil XXEL

Lately I’ve been missin’ you
But I know everything’s gonna be alright
Thoughts of me kissin’ you
That would all lead up to the times we’d fight
Wanna know what’s up with you
Ever since you left, you been out of sight
Girl I wanna know the truth

Just so I could tell you what’s on my mind

What’s up I’ve been callin’ you, it seems like I can’t get to you
Thought I was good, yet I’m feelin’ blue
Feels like I’m alone in this game for two (Yeah)
Tell me what you wanna do
Live your life no stoppin’ you
When you’re up late nights who ya talkin’ to?

Let me know I’m so confused

O-O-OH what you want?
Let me know, and I’ll sto-o-o-op!
OO-OO-OO so confu-u-used
Over you-ou-ou

Yes it’s true-ue-ue

So tell me how you’re feeling
I just want you to know
I can’t move o-o-on
If you leave me alone

I’m missin’ you, I’m missin’ you (4x)

I’m missin’ you, I’m missin’ you (4x)

LMK Lyrics Lil XXEL

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