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Members Only Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy & ZAYEL

Members Only Lyrics is the latest song released by NBA YoungBoy & ZAYEL. Members Only Lyrics by NBA YoungBoy – Members Only is the Brand New English Song from the album “Don’t Try This At Home”, featuring ZAYEL. YoungBoy Never Broke Again and ZAYEL have sung this Latest English Song, while Members Only Song Lyrics are penned by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Zayel, and Vadebeatz, with Music produced by Vadebeatz, and this Brand New Music video has been released on March 22, 2023.

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Song – Members Only Lyrics

Artist – NBA YoungBoy & ZAYEL




members only lyrics –  nba youngboy & zayel


Ayy, Look
(This Vade On The Keys)

Strapped Up [?] Down, I Used To Go To School With It
Teachers And The Principles Thought Mama’nem Was Cool With It
I Was Duckin’ Truancy, Know What Y’all Wanna Do With Me
Lock Me Up Without The Key And Confiscate My Jewelry
F*ck That, I Ain’t Goin’ Out Or Goin’ Down Today

We Strapped So I’ma Kick, And Plus, The Beehive A Mile Away
Duck Tape, The [?] Saw A N!gga Head Off
Called Him Up In County, Had To Send His A*s To [?] Ayy, She Gave Me Head Like A Hedgehog

O.T., Just Got A T, Deal Was A Good Call
Quarterbackin’, Goin’ Long Like Brett Favre
We In Miami, Back To Back Up In Foreign Cars
’bout Yb Featurе, Queen Latifah, We Gon’ Set It Off
I Ain’t No PreachеR, But I’ll Teach You How To Get It Off
I Ain’t No, I Get To Spazzin’ Off That Alcohol
I Got This Pokey And This Pokey Hangin’ Out My Drawers

Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright
Bad B!tches Love Rich Members Only
Alright (Ayy, Ayy, Ayy)
Real Members F*ck With Real Members Only
Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright
(What You Talkin’ ’bout?)
Real B!tches Love Real N!ggas Only
Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright (Let’s Talk, N!gga)
And, Bad B!tches Love Rich Members Only

Break Your Window, Glock Tucked In My Waist, I’m Comin’ Through With It
Goin’ Inside My Neighbour House, They Think My Uncle Cool With It
All These N!ggas Foolery, These People Plan On Ruinin’ Me
Stolen Glock With A Beam On It, Don’t Tell Me What To Do With This, I Bust Sh!t

Love Them Deeply, Now, My Pain, I’m Stuck With It
Been Through A Lot For This Jewelry, I’m Shinin’ Hard, You Better Not Touch This
I Can Tell You, I Ain’t The One To F*ck With, This Sh!t Get Bloody, Boy
Rolls Royce, I Remember, I Used To Ride Around In Them Stolen Cars
Cop Sh!t, Don’t Run And Tell The Feds, They Know I Knock Sh!t (Mhm-mhm-mhm-mhm)

Knife On The Yard, Play, I Send A N!gga To The Shop, B!tch
Behind The Bars, I Shut A N!gga Down, They Know How Top Get
Ben, Tell A N!gga, “F*ck ’em,” Once He Released, He Gon’ Get Blitzed
I’m Talkin’ Oakland Back To Northside, The Shell Wood, And The Bricks

Lil’ Bro A Goblin, His Name Bway, And He Strictly With The Sh!t
They Tryna Kick It, But He Know I Don’t F*ck Around With Them Boys
I Get The Money, Get The Money, I Got A B!tch Wipe The Cars
Cop Car Back To The Prison, Now, Youngboy Livin’ Large

His Heart Ain’t Goin’ On, He Been Pimpin’,
He Been Brakin’ Them Broads
You Better Not Tell No One You Seen It,
You Gon’ Face This Penalty, On Kl, I Mean It
To Bust A Head, I’m Feindin’
Leave Him Dead On Cement

Pu*sy N!gga Test Me, I Said, “B!tch, Give Me A Reason”
I Don’t Feel A N!gga Pain, Boy
Rich N!gga, Members Only, Know They Know I Bang Hard
Tell My Grandma, “Wait Up On Me,” I’m Headed To The Graveyard

Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright (Come On)
Bad B!tches Love Rich Members Only
(Do What They Want Lil’ N!gga, Believe That)
Alright (Ayy, Ayy, Ayy)
Real Members F*ck With Real Members Only
Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright (Keepin’ Us Out The Cleats)
(What You Talkin’ ’bout?)
Real B!tches Love Real N!ggas Only
Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright
And, Bad B!tches Love Rich Members Only

Okay, It Don’t Get Realer Than That
It Don’t Get No Realer
And, Real Members F*ck With Real Members Only
N!ggas Be Flodgin’
Believe That
All The Rich N!ggas, Ha-Ha-Ha


Written by: YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Zayel & Vadebeatz


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members only lyrics  nba youngboy & zayel


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