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Mine Yours Lyrics – Wilbur Soot

Mine  Yours –  Lyrics Wilbur Soot 

Mine  Yours is the latest song released by Wilbur Soot. Mine  Yours is from latest album named Mammalian Sighing Reflex

Songs Credit :

Song – Mine  Yours

Artist – Wilbur Soot

Album – Mammalian Sighing Reflex

Mine  Yours Lyrics –


[Verse 1]
Why must I feel numb, done what I’ve done
I’ve taken my cues, what I’m supposed to do
Now here’s the issue, the narrative stew
When I hold the pen, it’s throttling you

[Verse 2]
You never liked me when drunk
I start to believe you never liked me at all
So I agree, and I’ll say “Fuck you”
‘Cause I know if I don’t, I’ll probably say
Something stupid and true

[Verse 3]
I stand just out of reach of your fist
And take myself away again, pretty slim
And dance around the subject of figure of eight
Describe all the parts of me I’m yet to break

Count all the parts of me I’m yet to break
Count all the parts of me I’m yet to break you

[Verse 4]
Kiss me like it was your job
So tender and carefully, teeth before tongue (I wanna be yours)
Not in the way that the romantics do (I wanna be yours)
But with the grace of a workplace and child dispute

You know, I don’t need much more
But wanna be mine, wanna be yours
You know, I don’t need much more
I wanna be mine, wanna be yours

I take you for granted

Because the alternative’s far more alarming

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Mine  Yours Lyrics Wilbur Soot


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