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Power Trip Lyrics – Yeat

Power Trip –  Lyrics Yeat 

Power Trip is the latest song released by Yeat. Power Trip is from latest album named 2093

Songs Credit :

Song – Power Trip

Artist – Yeat

Album – 2093

Power Trip Lyrics



Lyrics from Snippet

… what you never said
It’s not a lot of people like us, so I have respect
And don’t go talkin’ down your neck unless you wanna be dead
I might, go crazy, I’m out my head
I might, kill ’em, and drop ’em dead
I might have did it but I don’t think I did
I might have done some things I never did
Watch me do your favorite things, yeah, now that you—
Watch me do your favorite circus trick, the Hula Hoops on fire
Well tell me, please don’t lie
Who’ll tell me when you lie?
Tell me when you cry?
Just send for me when you die
I don’t stress for nothin’, I’m not one to go and cry
Girl, I wanted to leave ya backstabbed then leave you blind
We coulda crossed our eyes, then we’d be blind for life
It only takes one time, it only takes a night
I brought the big AR, uh, and you brought the knife, I would kill ya nice and quick, that’s called crime
Then don’t go waste no time
And don’t go talkin’ to me if you not gon’ run ya mouth

I own a private jet
I’m on a power trip
You don’t have to say it, you did it
I already knew before you said it
Guns with drums a instrument, so let me play it
I ain’t heard you, speak up, what was you gon’ say?


Power Trip Lyrics Yeat

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