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Second Best Lyrics – Laufey

Second Best –  Lyrics Laufey 

Second Best is the latest song released by Laufey. Second Best is from latest album named

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Song – Second Best

Artist – Laufey

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Second Best Lyrics – Laufey


I’ll never forget how stupid in love I felt
I’ll always regret how I couldn’t ever tell
That you walked a little faster, left me behind
Kissed me with somebody else in mind
I loved you so much
That I settled for less

Oh, you were my everything
I was your second best

Lying awake, I’d watch as you’d dream at night (Dream at night)
Nightingale singing half-hearted lullabies
Well, you swing me around in that midsummer dance
Held me in close as you thought of your past
I love way too much
Oh, this hurts to confess

Oh, you were my everything
I was your second best

You’ve given me nothing to miss
Honestly, life has been much better since
I spoke to you last
Why am I still wondering
If I stand a chance or if you’d have me back?

Everyone warned me you were a bad idea
I never listen
Maybe I will next year
When I’ve walked a little further into my life
Fallen in love and left you behind
But I’m still a little in love with this mess

Oh, you were my everything
I’m just your second best

Second best


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Second Best Lyrics Laufey


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