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Taylor Swift Tour Tickets – Get tickets for Eras Tour Hurry Up

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour Standing Tickets

In the world of entertainment, there are few artists who captivate audiences quite like Taylor Swift. With each new album release, her loyal fans eagerly await the announcement of tour dates, hoping for the chance to witness her live performances. Among the most sought-after tickets for any Taylor Swift tour are the standing tickets, offering fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with their beloved artist. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the process of securing standing tickets for Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated ‘Eras’ Tour. Our aim is to provide you with the most current information and effective strategies to turn your dream of attending her concert into a reality.



Understanding the ‘Eras’ Tour

Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour is a one-of-a-kind spectacle. It promises to take fans on a journey through her illustrious career, showcasing the evolution of her music and style over the years. With each distinct ‘era,’ Swift injects a unique flavor into her performances, making this a must-see event for fans of all ages. To ensure you don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience, follow our guide to securing those highly sought-after standing tickets.

Where to Find Standing Tickets

  1. Official Taylor Swift Website – The foremost and most dependable source for acquiring standing tickets to Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour is her official website. Here, you will find comprehensive information regarding tour dates, venues, and, most importantly, ticket sales. Be sure to subscribe to her newsletter or follow her on social media to receive timely updates on ticket release dates.
  2. Ticketmaster – Ticketmaster is a trusted platform for purchasing concert tickets, and it’s highly likely that Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour tickets will be available here. Keep a vigilant eye on their website and set up email alerts to receive immediate notifications as soon as tickets become available.
  3. Fan Clubs – Becoming a member of Taylor Swift’s official fan club can be your golden ticket to securing those prized standing tickets. Fan club members often enjoy early access to ticket sales and exclusive presale codes, granting them a significant advantage.
  4. Resale Websites – In case you miss out on the initial ticket sales, don’t despair. Resale websites such as StubHub and SeatGeek may have standing tickets available. However, be prepared to pay a premium when using these platforms.

Tips for Securing Standing Tickets

  1. Be Quick- When ticket sales open, time is of the essence. Ensure that you are logged into the ticketing website well in advance and have your payment information readily available. Standing tickets tend to sell out rapidly.
  2. Utilize Multiple Devices – Boost your chances of securing tickets by utilizing multiple devices to access ticketing websites concurrently. This approach can significantly expedite the ticket acquisition process.
  3. Presale Codes – If you are a member of Taylor Swift’s fan club or have access to presale codes, make the most of them. Often, this is the most reliable method to guarantee your standing tickets.


Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour undeniably presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her fans. To ensure you secure the standing tickets you desire, follow the strategies outlined in this guide. Whether you opt for official channels, fan clubs, or resale platforms, meticulous preparation and proactive engagement are the keys to securing your place at this unforgettable concert. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to experience Taylor Swift up close and personal – embark on your ticket hunt today!




Full list of tour dates

Get ready, Swifties! Taylor Swift is set to light up the UK with an incredible 13-date tour extravaganza spanning June to August 2023. She’s hitting some of the most iconic stadiums in the country, and you won’t want to miss this unforgettable experience!

Here’s the scoop on where Taylor Swift will be gracing the stage:

  • Edinburgh, Murrayfield Stadium
    • Friday, 7 June 2024
    • Saturday, 8 June 2024
    • Sunday, 9 June 2024
  • Liverpool, Anfield Stadium
    • Thursday, 13 June 2024
    • Friday, 14 June 2024
    • Saturday, 15 June 2024
  • Cardiff, Principality Stadium
    • Tuesday, 18 June 2024
  • London, Wembley Stadium
    • Friday, 21 June 2024
    • Saturday, 22 June 2024
    • Sunday, 23 June 2024
    • Thursday, 15 August 2024
    • Friday, 16 August 2024
    • Saturday, 17 August 2024

Exciting, right? But, hold onto your hats, because scoring those tickets can be quite the adventure!

For all you eager fans out there, you’ll soon be on the hunt for those precious Taylor Swift tickets. It’s no secret that many will turn to ticket reselling websites, and that’s where the excitement meets caution.

Here’s the deal: If you’re considering resale tickets, play it safe and stick with regulated sellers like viagogo or Twickets. They’ve got your back!

A viagogo spokesperson couldn’t contain their enthusiasm, saying, “The European leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour has been long anticipated. We’ve not seen anything like this since The Beatles, and with tickets having only just gone on sale, demand is at its peak right now.

“viagogo is a regulated marketplace where fans have the freedom to buy and sell tickets to their favorite live events, safely and securely, backed by a guarantee. Sellers on our marketplace may list tickets at high values when demand is high, but prices can change and tend to reduce over time. We recommend Swifties wait for demand to settle and check regularly for a listing that meets their budget. Tickets for Taylor Swift’s UK dates have already sold for as low as 172 GBP on our platform. Also, tickets listed at eye-catchingly high levels rarely, if ever, sell.”

But that’s not all! AXS chimed in, emphasizing that the only surefire way to snag valid Taylor Swift tickets is through approved ticket agents. In the UK, these trusted agents are Ticketmaster, AXS, or directly through the venue’s website. In Ireland, it’s Ticketmaster. So, don’t fall for anything less!

They added that authorized resale for Taylor Swift kicks off on August 1, 2023. And here’s some fantastic news: resale prices are capped to curb skyrocketing ticket prices and combat ticket scalping. No more overpriced tickets!

“In addition to the official resale facilities, fans will also be able to transfer their tickets via their approved ticket agent, so they can share tickets with friends and family who are also attending the concert. Ticket transfer will be made available much closer to the date of the shows, and fans will be notified by email when ticket transfer is available. Fans in the UK and Ireland will then be able to transfer all of their tickets. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions of sale published on the website of your approved ticket agent.”

So, Swifties, gear up for an incredible tour filled with unforgettable moments. Make sure you stay savvy while getting your hands on those precious Taylor Swift tickets – it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime!


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