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The Alchemist. Lyrics – Lil Yachty


The Alchemist. –  Lyrics Lil Yachty 

The Alchemist. is the latest song released by Lil Yachty. The Alchemist. is from latest album named Let’s Start Here.

Songs Credit :

Song – The Alchemist.

Artist – Lil Yachty

Album – Let’s Start Here.

The Alchemist. Lyrics – Lil Yachty



[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
No need to brag, but I knew that I was built for this
I know now that most men would kill for this
Seamlessly, I walk around infamous
Probably ’cause I am the alchemist
Learned to love, I’m not like the tin man
I am Sensei Jones with a vengeance
Reeking, reeking, they started since last weekend
I don’t think you practice what you preaching

[Interlude: Fousheé]
It feels good
Don’t need no harm, this for shits and giggles
My taxes in on time
Alright, alright (On time), alright, alright, ah, ah
Living a good life, we living a good life

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
Bitch, we go super crazy for the backend
He know now that I give a backhand
Back out on a boat, catch a spray tan
Ayy, man, I could dive from the deep end
Ah, fuck
Papa made a young pimp, I’m outside
Southside, tote a shank, I’mma up rank
Lemonade pink seats in a fish tank

[Outro: Fousheé]
Up on my cloud
My feet don’t touch the ground
Don’t try to shoot me down
I’m only a human
It’s my first go ’round in this thing

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The Alchemist. Lyrics Lil Yachty


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