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​the BLACK seminole. Lyrics – Lil Yachty


​the BLACK seminole. –  Lyrics Lil Yachty 

​the BLACK seminole. is the latest song released by Lil Yachty. ​the BLACK seminole. is from latest album named Let’s Start Here.

Songs Credit :

Song – ​the BLACK seminole.

Artist – Lil Yachty

Album – Let’s Start Here.

​the BLACK seminole. Lyrics – Lil Yachty


[Chorus 1]
Sex symbol, the Black Seminole
A sex symbol, the Black Seminole
African Rambo with more ammo
Can’t be escaped, I’m on every channel

[Verse 1]
What’s wrong? What’s wrong, Mr. Man?
Your eyes are low
And you’re walking with both hands on your head
His response, he’s on a clean, clean high
Both feet up on the ground
But his head’s way, way, way up in the sky

[Chorus 2]
The Black Seminole, a head general
This deep connection, a large interval
A black man with mouths to feed
Embracing equality throughout greed

[Verse 2]
No time to joke around, the kid is now a man
And the sadness is filled with remarkable sounds
This part I’ve seen in my dreams
Love is not a lie, it just feels like a Tarantino movie scene

[Outro: Lil Yachty & Diana Gordon]
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh
Mm-mm-mmm, ooh

Ah-ha, aaah, yeah-hey, yeah

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​the BLACK seminole. Lyrics Lil Yachty


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