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Things Dads Do Lyrics – Thomas Rhett

Things Dads Do –  Lyrics Thomas Rhett 

Things Dads Do is the latest song released by Thomas Rhett. Things Dads Do is from latest album named Country Again (Side B)

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Song – Things Dads Do

Artist – Thomas Rhett

Album – Country Again (Side B)

Things Dads Do Lyrics – Thomas Rhett

He’ll make you mow the grass and do it for free
When you think you’re done, he’ll say, “Rake the leaves”
He’ll say it builds character, but it’s ninety degrees
You’ll cuss him under your breath
He won’t let you quit your football team
Or hang with the kid who lives down the street
‘Cause he heard he smokes dope and got holes in his jeans
Lookin’ back, he was right, I guess

Things dads do
He’ll act like he does when he don’t have a clue
And I know it seems
Like he’s flyin’ by the seat of his outta style jeans
You’ll get embarrassed when he ruins your cool
When he pulls out his camera on your first day of school
And that’s just a few things dads do

He’ll hand you the keys to a hand-me-down truck
And take ’em right back when you tear it up
On your first broken heart, he’ll say, “Son, tell you what
Let’s talk it out over a beer”
And when you get married, he’ll be your best man
And pay for the booze and a bad cover band
And he’ll give a long speech and say this was God’s plan
And try not to cry, but he will

Things dads do
Give you his old recliner for your new living room
And he’ll call too much
And out of the blue without asking to show up
He’ll give you advice about your career
Complain and ask why your fridge is full of weird beer
That’s just a few things dads do

Oh, woah, woah
Woah, woah

He’ll sit in the waitin’ room, chewin’ Red Man
‘Til the doctor comes out and says, “Y’all, come on in”
He’ll say she looks perfect, then shake your hand
And say, “Now you’ll understand”

Things dads do (Dad’s do)
You’ll think it’s crazy until you’re one too
And you’ll lose your mind (Your mind)
In a couple years, sleepin’ just three months time
But next thing you know, one’s five and one’s three
And one’s almost one and she’s cuttin’ her teeth
And you’re in his shoes
And you’re startin’ to
Do more than a few things dads do

Yeah, things dads do

Things dads do

Things Dads Do Lyrics Thomas Rhett

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