Trap Bunny Bubbles Lyrics – ​ppcocaine

Trap Bunny Bubbles –  Lyrics ​ppcocaine 

Trap Bunny Bubbles is the latest song released by ​ppcocaine. Trap Bunny Bubbles is from latest album named P1

Songs Credit :

Song – Trap Bunny Bubbles

Artist – ​ppcocaine

Album – P1

Trap Bunny Bubbles Lyrics – ​ppcocaine

Lyrics from Snippet

Hey, reporting live (Live)
It’s Trap Bunny Bubbles

I wanna live in that mansion (Big house)
Playboy bunny, what’s happenin’ (You a nerd)
Pedal to the medal, I’m gassin’ (Vroom)
Diamonds on my neck and they dancin’ (Ah)
Bad lil’ baby, what’s crackin’? (What’s crack?)
Eat my pussy out…

Trap Bunny Bubbles Lyrics ​ppcocaine

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