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Vulturius Eminem Diss Lyrics – Benzino

Vulturius Eminem Diss –  Lyrics Benzino 

Vulturius Eminem Diss is the latest song released by Benzino. Vulturius Eminem Diss is from latest album named

Songs Credit :

Song – Vulturius Eminem Diss

Artist – Benzino

Album –

Vulturius Eminem Diss Lyrics



Yo, Eminem should be called Skittles
Sweet ass muh’fucka

Candy-ass Eminem, bitch-ass Feminine
Mad he lack melanin, all Valium’d up again
Aw, shit, here we go, Benzino vs Jim Crow
Know a custy when I see one, how many times you overdose?
Cracker on crack who rap, but hate black in this show
Invade our culture then insult us, time you get exposed
Lil’ ho, diss Mariah, Christina, Michael, or Britney?
What kinda fuck go to war with people dancin’ and singin’?
Don’t fuck with 50, and keep it a buck, you ain’t tough
Your baby mom could get a bag like how Cassie did Puff
If they read your lyrics in the court like they did Young Thug
From the drugs, choppin’ her up, corpse in the trunk
You a punk, plan my funeral, please, you shoot who?
Square ain’t even go circle the block for Proof
And the truth, my daughter had a life that I never had
I’m prob’ly more Boston George than America’s Dad
But I provide it, food, clothes, gifts kept you excited
Now you let the industry really lynch, keep us divided
But back when I got indicted in and out of court fightin’
You was in a pretty home with something foreign to ride in
Of course I tell you hate your father he could never find his
Trailer park swine bitch, shit, you’re miserable and you’re ‘lone
And we think that they cloned you
You look weird, don’t care how much Just For Men they put on you
Never seen with a girl, never seen with a bitch
But got a song “What If I Was Gay” with Joyner Lucas


Vulturius Eminem Diss Lyrics Benzino



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