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WHAT WENT WRONG??? Lyrics is the latest song released by The Kid LAROI. WHAT WENT WRONG??? Song by The Kid LAROI: “WHAT WENT WRONG???” is a New Song, sung by The Kid LAROI. ​WHAT WENT WRONG??? Song was written by ​​​​​The Kid LAROI, and the music was produced by​ ​BNYX®.

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Song – WHAT WENT WRONG??? Lyrics

Artist – The Kid LAROI


WHAT WENT WRONG??? Lyrics –  The Kid LAROI


Round Two
Off Tequila, At The Crib, Gettin’ Loose
It’s A Whole ‘lot Of Women Runnin’ ’round This Room
And The Whole Time, Yeah,
The Whole Time, I Can Only Think About You
Still Got Brain, Locked In The Range,
Big Jet Plane, Back To The City
Know It’s Cliché, But My Life Changed
You Got Strange, You Don’t Fu*k With Me
I Know That We Said “So Long”
I’m Working On Dying
But I Still Don’t Know What Went Wrong

Heart Went Cold, Money Turned Long
I Was In The Whip Losing Control
I Was Off Six, I Was In The Zone
Trippin’ Off Shit That You Was On
Look Me In My Face, Look Me In My Eyes
And You Swear To God That You Wasn’t Wrong
Fu*k It, I’m Rich, I Guess It’s Gone
I Cannot Give No Fu*ks No More…

…Two In The Morning, Texting, “Are You Up?”
I’m High As A B!tch Right Now, I’m Stuck
I Do Too Much, You Said “Not Enough”
I Need Some Doja, Can’t Open Up
I’ll Pretend That I’m In Paradise Without You
I’m Trying To Talk To Somebody New
But It’s Getting Hard To Hold A Conversation
’cause The Whole Time All I’m Thinking ’bout Is You



what went wrong??? lyrics  the kid laroi

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