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UR THE MOON Lyrics – Playboi Carti

UR THE MOON –  Lyrics Playboi Carti 

UR THE MOON is the latest song released by Playboi Carti. UR THE MOON is from latest album named

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Artist – Playboi Carti

Album –

UR THE MOON Lyrics –


[Intro: DJ Swamp Izzo & Playboi Carti]
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Carti
My nigga, you know you the flyest nigga I know on this planet (Sch-)
So before we start this new shit (Schyeah), let’s show ’em what the fuck you really been on
I am the music!
Different day

[Verse: Playboi Carti & DJ Swamp Izzo]
I just be stylin’, it’s hard to sleep (Schyeah)
She never made it hard for me (Schyeah, it’s comin’)
I can’t trust my eyes, like, how do I see?
I’m in the high, she’s in the heat, uh (Turn it up, turn it up)
Tell me why? And for what?
Always prepared ’cause I never know what
She wait at all of my shows, she wanted me to sign her butt, yeah, uh (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha)
Whippin’ that ho with the Fendi
Yeah-yeah, I was lookin’ for Benji
I had smoke at Means Street (Don’t get fuckin’ scared now)
Everybody thought they knew me
My bitch, she ain’t even meet the new me
A ho gon’ die tryna do me
Look at the sky, it’s a movie
She not a wife, she a groupie
That’s a lil’-ass chain, check the new piece, schyeah (I promise you niggas)
Red in the diamonds, no rubies
Stick in the dirt like— (Schyeah)
Stick in the dirt like Doody (Schyeah), schyeah
There’s plenty of opps in the loose leafs
Goyard trunk, keep it brief, yeah
Stamp on your neck like pussy (‘Bout what?)
Schyeah, schyeah
Stay in your position, lil’ nigga, before you get put on a shirt (Schyeah)
I was in South Carolina, with two hoes, takin’ they turn
You play with that fire too much, lil’ shawty, you bound to get burnt (Schyeah)
SVJ, I go crazy, no concern (Schyeah), uh
Glock in the holster (Schyeah), yeah, stick in the Goyard (Schyeah)
Put ’em on a poster, put ’em in a graveyard (Schyeah), schyeah
She gets angry, she like to text hard (What?)
I don’t need a co-sign (What?), I need a diehard (Huh?)
I fuck her back in, yeah, then put her in Chrome Heart
The Bentley, it’s push-start (Uh)
I’m a bully, I push hard (Yeah, s’yeah)
Drivin’ off drugs, this my go-kart (S’yeah)
Different day, ha (S’yeah)
We came out on Sunday
I told my momma I was gon’ make it one day
Been, been, been told her
It was just the other day I was on bullshit, eatin’ leftovers, yeah
Schyeah, thinkin’ about it
Now it’s just G5’s, yeah, I don’t do layovers

[Outro: DJ Swamp Izzo]
You know who the fuck it is

Swamp motherfuckin’ Izzo!

UR THE MOON Lyrics Playboi Carti

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