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Us Vs. Them Lyrics – $UICIDEBOY$

Us Vs. Them –  Lyrics $UICIDEBOY$ 

Us Vs. Them is the latest song released by $UICIDEBOY$. Us Vs. Them is from latest album named New World Depressi

Songs Credit :

Song – Us Vs. Them

Artist – $UICIDEBOY$

Album – New World Depressi

Us Vs. Them Lyrics


[Intro: Scrim]
Ladies and gentleman (You did good, $lick)
Get up (It’s a smash)
Motherfucker  (Get up)
Uh, ah-ah

[Verse 1: Scrim]
It’s that bent motherfucker in that coupe, slidin’ like the serpent (Get up)
More guns than Viktor, ’bout dying, boy, I be that merchant (Yeah)
Cast from the firmament, brain damage permanent (Get up)
Got ninety-nine problems and not one of them concern a bitch (Why?)
I’m in that Benz, hollerin’, “Ooh, na-na-na”
Yung Slicky with that .9, tell me who wanna die?
Been troubled since I was a youth, chewin’ Fent’ up in the booth (Get up)
Ride for my brothers, yeah, for them I’ll do a sin or two (What)
G-R-E-Y (North), East bloc, *59 (Side)
Fucked up since knee high, cutthroat and I see why (Why?)
They use me then they use me and they use me ’til I’m used up (Get up)
And they wonder why I stay high or at best I’m buped up
My shoot up until I puke up (Ladies and gentleman, what?)
My cross that I bare (Get up)
Drop my kids off in that ho ’cause I pay well for that daycare (What? Wetto)
Knock-knock, who’s there? $carecrow with that dead stare (Get up)
Car two-hundred-thousand and my bitch still on welfare (Ah)

[Bridge: Scrim]
Motherfucker (Get up)
Uh, ah-ah
Motherfucker (Get up)
Uh, ah, ah-ah (Ladies and gentleman)

[Chorus: Scrim]
Have the block hollering, “Wah, wah, wah” (Get up)
Throw them threes up for the G*59
Talkin’ to me, I hear “Blah, blah, blah”
When I pull up, have them hoes sayin’, “Ooh, la-la”
Ladies and gentleman (Get up)
(Get up)

[Verse 2: Ruby da Cherry]
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Snorted a bunch of Perc 30’s, now I’m ignorin’ every call (Get up)
Got bored, decided to cop a sports car and I crashed it right into a wall
Hopped and that’s when I realized that I was in the food court at the mall (Get up)
Concussions and destruction, bitch, I’ll show you how I ball
Shellfish on my wrist forever, ain’t just the date (Get up)
All these pups think they tough, tryna take off of my plate
Yeah, they howlin’ and they growlin’ (Ooh), but my name stained with drool
Plenty of bones buried in the yard along with Fugazi jewels (Ah)
Ruby been had all the girls, I got scraps that I could scrape up (Yup, get up)
Been all over the world, I got maps that I could make up (Yup, yup)
Been a dope fiend for so long that people clap when I wake up (Get up)
Been ahead of the game, runnin’ laps ‘fore I lace up (Yeah)
Shadow banned, shorty, yeah, I’m always hard to find (Yeah)
DUCKBOY ain’t no fuckboy, yeah, I always take my time (Yeah)
*59 signed, yeah, I said, “Fuck a 9 to 5” (Yeah)
Tryna shine so hard that I leave ’em all blind (Ladies and gentleman)

[Bridge: Ruby da Cherry]
Uh, oh fuck boy (Get up)
Uh, uh
Motherfucker (Get up)
Uh (Please help)

[Chorus: Ruby da Cherry]
Have the block hollerin’ “Wah, wah, wah” (Get up)
Throw them threes up for the G*59
Talkin’ to me, I hear “Blah, blah, blah”
When I pull up, have them hoes sayin’, “Ooh, la-la”
Ladies and gentleman (Get up)

(Get up)


Us Vs. Them Lyrics $UICIDEBOY$

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